Debian ARM Builds

Builds confirmed to work on Debian Wheezy on the armhf architecture, so suitable for devices such as the Cubieboard and probably the Raspberry Pi. These will probably work fine on Ubuntu as well (at least Ubuntu Precise).


These are basically builds done under a Cubieboard from the Ubuntu PPA. Once Ubuntu has an automatic builder for the armel armhf architecture I hope this page will be obsolete. Comments are welcome to us at Bittylicious.


These are based on the repository at OpenSUSE. The changes made to this repository involve changing the debian/rules file to read as follows:

install: build
        dh_clean -k

        # Add here commands to install the package
        # The DESTDIR Has To Be Exactly  /usr/src/packages/BUILD/debian/
        mkdir -p "$(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)"
        install -m 0755 $(NAME)-qt "$(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/$(NAME)-qt"
        install -m 0755 src/$(NAME)d "$(DESTDIR)$(BINDIR)/"
        mkdir -p "$(DESTDIR)$(DATADIR)/applications"
#       install -m 644 "../SOURCES/$(NAME).desktop" "$(DESTDIR)$(DATADIR)/applications"
        mkdir -p "$(DESTDIR)$(DATADIR)/pixmaps"
        install -m 644 share/pixmaps/ftc_32.png "$(DESTDIR)$(DATADIR)/pixmaps/$(NAME).png"
        # --- end custom part for installing